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Hiring a satisficing car in Portugal Part 1

Nov 26, 2015 |

I’ve always felt critical of people who go to the same place each year for their main holiday. Even if you won the lottery and spent the rest of your life travelling you couldn’t visit everywhere on earth – but somehow, somewhere I had this in-built belief that to expand all your experiences and to […more]

Dog Blog 7

Nov 25, 2015 |

Sun 15 Nov, Moni, Limassol: Anna asks me to return to Sirius to photograph the Dog Walk, an event which is run monthly.  They’re expecting, and get, a good turn out, as the weather is perfect for walking (not too hot and no rain).  I arrive at 11 and many dogs have already joined their […more]

Dog Blog 6

Nov 24, 2015 |

Sat 14 Nov, Limassol: The days are so full, of brightness and travel, of newly met people, dogs, places and experiences, that finding space for reflection, for thinking about what has been achieved, and considering what is still possible, is a challenge. On Saturday morning I set off at 8am, on the now familiar A1 […more]

Dog Blog 5

Nov 17, 2015 |

Thur 12 Nov, Oroklini, Larnaca: I’m up at 5.30 and on the road to Larnaca district at 6, leaving from my Airbnb in Limassol old town.  I turn straight down onto the coast road, past the tourist hotels, restaurants and bars, and head east for the hour’s drive.  Jeanette, a Swedish woman, and her team […more]

Dog Blog 4

Nov 15, 2015 |

Wed 11 Nov, Moni, Limassol: Sandwiched between a Power Plant and a Limestone Quarry, an hour’s drive from the old town of Limassol, Sirius Dog Sanctuary is not signposted (on later asking why I’m told it’s to stop people from constantly dumping dogs there).  It’s a sanctuary rather than a pound, funded purely from donations […more]