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Fragments of the Metropolis

May 29, 2017 |

As the poet-narrator in Europa continues the journey into the third rune, Faux-bourgs, new languages emerge.  These require new metrical structures.  I studied for a long time to discover a suitable metrical shape for ‘Mauer, meaning Wall’.  The metrical structures of Hopkins’ ‘The Wreck of the Deutschland’ are extremely demanding for the English performer.  Consider […more]


Jun 22, 2016 |

City So this is city, is it? Dug earth, its water fired to air. Rust rocks smoothed to steel, Shouldering elm, And sand for eyes.         Mansfield 2006 ‘City’ Europa After long travels, the final arrival in the city is always worth celebrating in writing.  The Anglo-Saxon poem, ‘The Ruin’ in the Exeter Book here […more]