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May 22, 2017 |

I am back from Nantes now and am beginning to make some sense of the voice recordings of my own and, more particularly of the French participants who walked the routes between the grammar school on the street Rue Marie-Anne du Boccage and Breton’s Parc de Procé in Nantes during my ERASMUS+ Mobility week with […more]

I-Walk. Will My I-Stay Stay Put?

Jan 30, 2017 |

My i-stay 10.1inch tablet case and gadget bag arrived much sooner than I expected from Amazon on Saturday 28th January 2017. Wonderful.  Why do I need one?  I have just won funding from the EU to spend time with a research lab at Nantes University that specialises in methodologies for personal history interviews.  Their work […more]


Sep 6, 2016 |

“Tourism proxemics and software systems for improving heritage management walking routes on city breaks” Short city-break holidays for cultural tourism can create a disorientation for holidaymakers.  They arrive at the hotel, often in the evening of the first day and do not have time to find their bearings.  The following day a whole morning can […more]

Tourism Knowledge Transfer

Apr 2, 2016 |

Airport transfers are a perfect example of tourism knowledge transfer at its most practical level. I use the example of ferry departure points in one of my lectures as a mystery unknown to the holiday visitor; you can see my collected university lectures in tourism management online at https://sites.google.com/site/touremetkt/ The airport transfer mystery has just […more]

Novels set in Nantes

Mar 14, 2016 |

Finding novels set in Nantes is proving much more difficult than I thought.  C S Forester’s Hornblower barely touches the ground in the city of Nantes. I need a narrative where the French urban space is almost a character itself.  This morning, though, with Google and Amazon, I found these two novels by Paul Louis […more]