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Tourism Knowledge Transfer

Apr 2, 2016 |

Airport transfers are a perfect example of tourism knowledge transfer at its most practical level. I use the example of ferry departure points in one of my lectures as a mystery unknown to the holiday visitor; you can see my collected university lectures in tourism management online at https://sites.google.com/site/touremetkt/ The airport transfer mystery has just […more]

Novels set in Nantes

Mar 14, 2016 |

Finding novels set in Nantes is proving much more difficult than I thought.  C S Forester’s Hornblower barely touches the ground in the city of Nantes. I need a narrative where the French urban space is almost a character itself.  This morning, though, with Google and Amazon, I found these two novels by Paul Louis […more]

Nantes, enfin.

Feb 26, 2016 |

  Well the field trip to Nantes is all set, again; this time with a group of undergraduates who are studying on one of Plymouth’s many modules in French language studies.  Crossing the Channel in January was perhaps rather ambitious of me, so this journey is set for 3rd May 2016.  We travel to Southampton by […more]

Loire Memoires

Dec 3, 2015 |

My post-doctoral research project on the towns of the Loire Valley has been running since 11th December 2014, so for about a year now (3.12.15).  I began an autoethnographic journal on that date followed in January 2015 by the launch of a Web 2.0 system for capturing people’s memories of the Loire.  Both French and […more]