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Aug 31, 2017 |

Please answer this very simple questionnaire for the next step in my research on travel writing and Nantes.  Only 2 simple questions using Google Forms, please click on url https://goo.gl/forms/H6iiEdBsYDGhgEk03   Or Click here to go questions – takes only 2 minutes – thank you

First Birthday

Sep 23, 2016 |

Looking back at our archive of pages it seems the first dated postings to the Travels in Search of… blog were 14th September 2015 so we are a year old this month, September 2016.  We have learnt a great deal about travel blogging and those associated with this research blog have enjoyed some huge successes […more]


Mar 28, 2016 |

Just finishing reading Rossi’s Régine over Easter; the story did drift into an autobiography with no real plot. From a literary tourism point of view the streets in the district to the east of the city centre of Nantes might hold a fascination for followers of Rossi’s writing or for the diaspora of those who […more]