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The words below are either true cognates or semi-true cognates. The former category refers to words which look the same in both languages and also mean the same, while the second group includes words that have a slightly different meaning in French and in English. For example, the French marcher can mean to march, to walk but also to work (i.e. to function).

Note that the list contains a lot of words ending in -ion (especially in -tion and -sion), -able , -ent, -ence, -al, -age, -ible, -ure, -um, to name only the most common ones.

You do not need to read and even less to memorise the words below. The list is here for your information only and to illustrate the similarities between the two languages. However -and more importantly - you should be fully aware of the existence of false cognates.

abandon, abdication, aberrant, aberration, abject, abolition, abominable , abomination, abrogation, absence, absent, absolution, absorption, abstention, abstinence, abstinent, abstraction, accent, accentuation, accessible, accident, accolade, accord, accumulation, accusation, acolyte, acquisition, action, adaptable, adaptation, addition, adjacent, administration, admirable, admiration, admission, admonition, adolescence, adolescent, adoption, adorable, adoration, adulation, adverse, affable, affectation, affection, affiliation, affirmation, affirmative, affliction, affront, aficionado, agent, agile, agitation, agriculture, air, album, alias, alliance, allophone, allusion, alpha, alphabet, altercation, altitude, amateur, ambition, ambivalence, ambivalent, ambulance, amoral, ample, amplification, amputation, amusement, anal, ancestral, anecdote, angle, animal, animation, annihilation, annotation, anthrax, anticipation, antidote, antique, antisocial, apartheid, apocalypse, apostrophe, apparent, apparition, applicable, application, appropriation, approximation, aptitude, arable, arcade, architectural, architecture, archives, argument, armistice, arrogance, arrogant, arsenal, arsenic, art, artefact, article, articulation, artifice, artisan, ascension, aspiration, assassin, assertion, assimilation, assistance, association, assurance, astral, astringent, atlas, atoll, attention, attitude, attraction, attribution, auburn, audible, audit, audition, augmentation, automation, automobile, avalanche, avarice, avenue, aversion, aviation, axial, badge, ballet, banal, bandage, bandit, banquet, baptismal, barge, baron, barrage, barricade, base, bastion, bazooka, beatnik, beige, bible, bicarbonate, biceps, bifocal, bigot, bikini, bile, biscuit, bison, bistro, bizarre, blizzard, boa, bonus, boomerang, boulevard, bouquet, bourgeois, boycott, bracelet, brave, bravo, brigade, brigand, brochure, bronze, brusque, brutal, brute, budget, bungalow, bus, butane, cactus, cage, calcification, calcium, calculable, calorie, camaraderie, camouflage, camp, campus, canal, cancer, candidature, capable, capital, capitulation, capsule, capture, carafe, caramel, carat, carbonate, cardigan, cardinal, caricature, carnage, carnivore, cartilage, carton, cascade, casino, cassette, caste, castration, catalogue, catastrophe, catharsis, cathode, causal, cause, cavalcade, caviar, cellulite, cellulose, censure, central, certain, certification, certitude, cervical, chagrin, champion, chaos, chaperon, charade, charitable, charlatan, chaste, chauffeur, chignon, choral, chrome, chromosome, cigarette, circuit, civil, clan, clarification, classification, client, clone, coagulant, coagulation, coalition, cobalt, cobra, code, coefficient, cognition, collaboration, collage, collation, collection, collision, collusion, colonel, colonial, coloration, colossal, coma, combat, combustible, combustion, commandant, commando, commencement, commensurable, commerce, commercial, commission, communal, communicable, communication, communion, compact, comparable, compassion, compatible, compensation, compilation, complication, compliment, composite, composition, compost, compote, compression, compulsion, computation, concave, concentration, concept, conception, concert, concession, concilation, conclusion, concordance, condensation, condiment, condition, confession, confetti, configuration, confinement, confirmation, confrontation, confusion, congestion, conjecture, conjugal, connotation, conscience, consensus, conservation, consolation, console, consolidation, consonant, constant, constellation, consternation, constitution, constriction, construction, consul, consultant, consulation, contact, contagion, contamination, contemplation, continent, continental, contingent, continuation, continuum, contour, contraception, contraction, contradiction, contribution, contrite, contrition, contusion, convalescence, convalescent, convention, convergence, convergent, conversation, conversion, conviction, convivial, coordination, cordial, corpulence, corpulent, correct, correction, corridor, corroboration, corrosion, corruption, corset, cosmos, costume, cottage, couple, coupon, courage, cousin, coyote, credo, crescendo, crevasse, crime, crocodile, crocus, crucial, cruel, cube, culmination, culture, cumin, curable, curry, cycle, cyclone, czar, dandy, danger, date, dealer, débâcle, débutante, décolletage, delta, dense, dental, descendant, description, desperado, dessert, destination, destitution, destructible, destruction, diagonal, dialectal, dialogue, diatribe, dictatorial, diction, diesel, diffusion, digestible, digestion, digital, digression, dilapidation, diligent, dilution, dimension, diminution, diode, direct, direction, disciple, discipline, disco, discordant, discrimination, discussion, dislocation, disposition, dissection, dissension, dissident, dissipation, dissolution, dissonant, distance, distant, distillation, distinct, distinction, distraction, distribution, district, diva, divan, divergence, divergent, diversification, diversion, divisible, division, divorce, docile, doctoral, doctrine, document, documentation, dollar, domestication, dominance, domination, dominion, domino, donation, dorsal, dosage, dose, double, dragon, drainage, duel, dune, duo, dupe, duplex, duplication, durable, dynamite, effervescence, effervescent, efficient, effort, ego, embargo, empire, employable, encourage ment, endurance, engage ment, enviable, enzyme, errant, ersatz, escalator, estimable, estimation, eucalyptus, exact, exaltation, excavation, excellence, excellent, exception, excitable, exclamation, exclusion, excommunication, excursion, excusable, excuse, exfoliation, exhibition, exhortation, existence, exorbitant, expansion, expert, expiration, explicable, exploit, exploitation, exploration, explosion, export, exportation, exposition, expression, expulsion, extermination, extinction, extraction, extradition, extravagance, extravagant, extroversion, exultation, fable, façade, face, facial, faction, famine, fanfare, fascination, fatal, ferment, fermentation, fertile, fervent, festival, fiasco, fiction, figurine, filiation, film, filtration, final, finale, finance, finesse, fiscal, fissure, fixation, fjord, flage, flamboyant, flamenco, flatter, flexible, floral, fluctuation, florescent, flux, focal, folklore, force, forceps, format, formulation, fort, forte, fortification, fortune, forum, fraction, fracture, fragile, fragment, fragrance, fragrant, fratricide, friction, frontal, frugal, fruit, frustration, fuchsia, fuselage, fusion, futile, gadget, gain, gala, gambit, gamma, gangster, garage, gazelle, gel, gestation, gesticulation, ghetto, glacial, glacier, globe, glorification, glucose, gluten, gnome, golf, gouge, gourmet, gradation, gradient, graduation, graffiti, granule, graphite, gratitude, gravitation, grimace, groggy, grotesque, guide, guttural, gym, habitable, habitat, habitation, hallucination, halo, hamster, handicap, hangar, harangue, harem, harmonica, herbicide, herbivore, hexagonal, hiatus, hibernation, hobby, hockey, homophone, hooligan, horde, horizon, horizontal, hormonal, hormone, horoscope, horrible, horticulture, hostile, humble, hyperbole, hypocrite, hypothalamus, iceberg, identifiable, identification, idiot, igloo, ignorance, ignorant, illumination, illusion, illustration, image, imaginable, imagination, imitable, imitation, immature, immense, immersion, immigrant, immigration, imminent, immobile, immoral, impact, impartial, impatience, impatient, impeccable, imperceptible, imperfection, impertinence, impertinent, implacable, implant, implication, implosion, import, importance, important, importation, imposition, impossible, impression, improbable, impromptu, improvisation, impudent, impulsion, inaccessible, inaction, inadmissible, inauguration, incadescent, incapable, incarnation, incessant, incidence, incident, incision, inclination, inclusion, incomparable, incompatible, inconsolable, incorrect, incorrigible, incrimination, incubation, indestructible, indication, indigent, indigestion, indignation, indirect, indispensable, indistinct, indivisible, indolent, indubitable, indulgence, indulgent, inexact, inexcusable, inexplicable, infantile, infatuation, infection, infernal, infertile, infestation, infiltration, inflammable, inflammation, inflation, influence, information, infraction, infrastructure, infusion, ingratitude, inhalation, inhibition, inimitable, initial, initiation, initiative, injection, injustice, innocence, innocent, innovation, inoculation, insatiable, inscription, insecticide, insertion, insinuation, insolence, insolent, insoluble, inspection, inspiration, installation, instigation, instinct, institution, instruction, instrument, instrumentation, insubordination, insupportable, insurrection, intact, intangible, intellect, intelligence, intelligent, intelligible, intense, intention, interaction, interception, interchangeable, interface, interjection, interlude, interminable, intermission, intermittent, international, interrogation, interruption, intersection, intervention, interview, intestinal, intimidation, intoxication, intrigue, introduction, introspection, introversion, intrusion, intuition, invariable, invasion, invention, inverse, inversion, investigation, investiture, invincible, invisible, invitation, ion, iota, iridescent, irrigable, irrigation, irritable, irritant, irritation, isolation, isotope, jaguar, jargon, jazz, job, jockey, jovial, jubilant, jubilation, judo, jungle, jurisprudence, jury, justifiable, justification, juxtaposition, karma, kayak, kilt, kimono, kitchenette, kitsch, kiwi, lactation, lactose, lamentable, lamentation, lance, larynx, laser, lassitude, lasso, latent, latex, latitude, latrines, liaison, libido, lichen, lieutenant, ligament, ligature, limitation, lingerie, lion, liqueur, liquidation, lithium, lobe, locomotion, locomotive, locution, logo, long, longitudinal, lotion, lotus, lucre, luminescence, luminescent, luxuriant, macabre, machination, machine, macho, maestro, magazine, mage, magnitude, magnolia, maintenance, majorette, malachite, malaria, malnutrition, malt, manifestation, manipulation, mannequin, manufacture, marathon, margarine, marginal, marina, marinade, marital, maritime, marsupial, martial, martyr, massacre, massage, matrimonial, maturation, mauve, maximum, mayonnaise, membrane, menace, menstruation, mental, menthol, mention, mentor, message, mezzanine, microbe, micron, microphone, microscope, migraine, migrant, migration, militant, millet, million, miniature, minimal, minimum, minuscule, minute, miracle, mirage, misanthrope, missile, mission, mixture, mobile, modal, mode, modem, modifiable, modification, modulation, module, mohair, monochrome, monologue, monotone, monument, monumental, moral, morgue, morose, morphine, mortification, motel, motivation, moustache, mucus, mule, multiple, multiplication, multitude, municipal, munitions, muscle, musculature, musical, mutant, mutation, mutilation, mystification, mystique, nacre, nadir, napalm, narration, nasal, nation, national, nature, naval, navigable, navigation, nectar, nectarine, niche, nickel, nicotine, nirvana, nitrate, noble, nodule, nomenclature, nominal, nomination, nonchalance, nonchalant, normal, notable, notation, note, notification, notion, nougat, novice, nuance, nubile, nylon, objection, obligation, oblique, oblong, observance, observation, obsession, obstacle, obstruction, occasion, occidental, occlusion, occupant, occupation, occurrence, octane, octave, ode, ogre, olive, omelette, omission, omnipotence, omnipotent, omniscience, omniscient, omnivore, opaque, opinion, opium, opossum, opposition, oppression, optimal, optimum, option, opulence, opulent, opus, oracle, oral, orange, orchestral, ordinal, ordination, orient, orientation, orifice, original, ossification, ostensible, ostentation, outsider, overdose, ovulation, oxymoron, ozone, palindrome, palpable, palpitation, panache, panda, panorama, pantomime, paparazzi, papyrus, parachute, parade, paranormal, paraphrase, parasite, pardon, parent, parental, partial, participant, participation, partisan, partition, passable, passage, passion, pastoral, patience, patient, patio, patois, pause, payable, pectoral, pedigree, penchant, pentagonal, perceptible, perception, percussion, perfection, perforation, permanence, perspective, persuasion, pertinence, pertinent, perversion, pestilence, phallus, phase, phosphate, phosphorescent, photo, photon, physique, piano, picaresque, pickpocket, pigeon, pigment, pigmentation, pipeline, pirate, pivot, pixel, placebo, placement, placenta, plantation, plaque, plasma, platitude, plausible, plumage, plural, plus, podium, poignant, police, polio, pollen, pollution, population, pore, port, portable, portion, portrait, pose, position, possession, possible, postal, postnatal, posture, potable, potassium, potion, prairie, prescription, prestige, primate, primordial, prince, principal, prison, probable, procession, proclamation, procuration, production, profession, profit, profitable, profusion, programme, progression, prohibition, projectile, projection, prologue, promenade, promotion, pronominal, propagation, propane, proportion, propulsion, prose, prospectus, prostate, prostitution, prostration, protection, protestation, proton, prototype, provenance, proverbial, providence, province, provincial, provision, provocation, prude, prudence, psoriasis, public, publication, punk, purge, purification, quadrant, quadruple, qualification, quasi-, quatrain, question, questionnaire, quintessence, quintuple, quota, racial, radar, radial, radian, radiant, radiation, radical, radio, radium, radius, radon, raid, ramification, ranch, rat, ratification, ratio, ration, ravine, rechargeable, recognition, reconstitution, reconstruction, rectangle, rectifiable, rectitude, recyclable, referendum, refuge, regret, relaxation, religion, repentant, reproduction, reptile, respect, respectable, respiration, restaurant, restitution, restriction, revolver, ricochet, rictus, ridicule, riposte, rival, robot, rose, rotation, rotor, route, routine, royal, royalties, rugby, rumba, rumination, rupture, rural, ruse, sabotage, sacrifice, safari, saga, saint, salami, salutation, sanatorium, sanctification, sanction, sandwich, sardine, satellite, satin, satire, satisfaction, saturation, sauna, savant, scalp, scalpel, science, scooter, scorpion, scribe, script, sculpture, séance, secret, segment, senior, sensation, sentiment, serf, sermon, serpent, service, servile, servitude, session, signature, silence, silhouette, silicone, silo, simple, simplification, simulation, siphon, site, situation, six, sketch, ski, slogan, smog, snob, sobriquet, sociable, social, sodium, sofa, solarium, solidification, solitude, solo, solstice, soluble, solution, somnolent, sonar, sonnet, sophistication, soprano, sorbet, SOS, source, spatial, spectacle, spectral, sphinx, spinal, spiral, sprint, stable, stagnant, stagnation, stalactite, stalagmite, statue, stature, steak, steppe, sterling, sternum, steward, stimulant, stimulation, stimulus, stipulation, stop, stress, strict, structural, structure, style, suave, subdivision, sublime, subliminal, submersion, subordination, substance, substitution, subterfuge, subvention, subversion, succession, succinct, succulence, succulent, suffocation, suffrage, suggestion, suicide, sulfate, superstition, supervision, supplication, supposition, suppression, surcharge, surface, surplus, surprise, susceptible, suspect, suspense, suspension, suspicion, suture, svelte, symposium, synagogue, syndrome, synopsis, tact, tactile, talc, tandem, tangible, tango, tanker, tapioca, tarot, taxable, taxation, taxi, technique, tempo, tenable, tendon, tennis, tension, terminal, terminus, termite, terrain, territorial, test, testament, textile, texture, thalamus, thermal, thermostat, thorax, thymus, tic, tirade, titillation, toast, toboggan, tonal, tonsure, torrent, torture, tourniquet, trace, traction, tradition, trait, trampoline, transaction, transcription, transformation, transfusion, transgression, transistor, transit, transition, transmission, transparent, transplant, transport, trauma, triangle, tribunal, triceps, tricycle, trident, trillion, trio, triple, tropical, trot, troupe, tuba, tulle, tunnel, turban, turbine, turbulence, turbulent, turquoise, ultimatum, ultra-, ultraviolet, unification, unique, uranium, Uranus, urgent, urinal, urine, usage, usurpation, vacant, vaccination, vagabond, vaginal, vague, vain, validation, valise, valve, vampire, variable, variance, variation, vaseline, vassal, vaudeville, vendetta, ventilation, verbal, verdict, versus, vertical, verve, vestibule, vestige, veto, via, viable, vibrant, vibration, vice, vigilance, vigilant, villa, village, violation, violence, violent, violet, viral, virginal, virulent, virus, visa, visible, vision, visitation, vital, vitriol, vivisection, vocal, vocation, vogue, volition, volt, voltage, volume, vortex, vote, yacht, yoga, zigzag, zinc, zone, zoo, zoom, zygote.