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Other use of NE

We came across ne earlier and saw that it was an element of negation (usually used in conjunction with another element such as pas, jamais or plus for instance). There are, however, cases where the ne does not negate the verb. It the case in clauses following a comparison, in connection with certain conjunctions (à moins que, avant que, de crainte que, ...) or certain expressions.

Examples: Je crains qu'elle n'ait raison. (I am afraid she is right)

Malheureusement, le juge n'a pas entendu ce témoin, comme d'autres, avant qu'il ne décède, en 1991. (Unfortunately, the judge has not heard this witness, like others, before he died in 1991)

To make the first sentence negative, it would take another negative element such as pas or jamais for example: Je crains qu'elle n'ait pas raison.