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Below are some websites that are really useful when it comes to developing your reading skills, mainly by expanding your vocabulary.

  1. : an on-line dictionary that also offers interesting forums where you can look for discussions on possible translations from French into English (and why not even ask a question yourself if you are stuck!)
  2. : a fantastic website that allows you to read webpages, PDF or word documents and to click on unkown words in order to get their translation. Once you register (free), you can also start building your own vocabulary lists based on the words you will have looked up (there is also a testing option to help you to review and learn those new words). It is the perfect companion to browse the internet and it saves you a lot of time (no need to switch tabs to type in the words in an online dictionary).
  3. : another great website to create vocab lists and learn them. Contrary to the previous website, you need to type in your own lists to create them but you can nonetheless import them from other sources or just cut and paste existing lists you might have. The plus of this website is that it lets you hear the words as well.
  4. : a very good guide to French pronunciation with some audio files to listen to some examples.