Lectures in French Studies

  • Introduction to Contemporary France I
  • Introduction to Contemporary France II
  • Les Chemins du Savoir
  • pages dix-neuf: Culture & Society in 19th-Century France
  • Collaboration and Resistance in Occupied France
  • Communiqué français - French language resources
  • patrimoine : The French Heritage Papers
  • List images on this site

    Typing French accented characters

    Make sure NUM Lock is ON.
    Hold down the Alt key,
    on the left of the space bar.
    Keeping the Alt key held down with left thumb
    type in the 3-digit numbers
    using the numeric keypad over on the far right.
    Release the Alt Key and the accented letter appears

    é 130          « 174
    è 138          » 175
    ê 136          ô 147
    ë 137          ï 139
    ç 135          î 140
    à 133          â 131
    ù 151          û 150
    É 144          Ç 128

    Communicate with Communiqué

    Tony McNeill on G+

    Dr Charlie Mansfield on G+

    French on G+

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    An article describing Les Chemins du savoir is available:
    McNeill, T. & Mansfield, C. (1997) 'Baudelaire for Net Surfers: French Studies and the Internet'
    French Studies Bulletin 18(63) 10-12 doi:10.1093/frebul/18.63.10
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