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You could preface your study of nineteenth-century French culture by by clicking on Gallica.

Nineteenth-Century French Writers


You could preface your reading of Balzac by clicking on
Balzac (Julien Torrent) and on Realism.

Balzac's representation of the city, then click on Panoramic and Paris: Urban

Don't forget that there are many web pages devoted to Balzac at Les Chemins du savoir (Tony McNeill) that can be accessed by typing in relevant keywords.


Jacques Lemaire's pages on Charles Baudelaire are a good place to start and include links to poems from Les Fleurs du mal and Le Spleen de Paris.

There is also a full version of Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal available to you.

Finally, there are many web pages devoted to Baudelaire at Les Chemins du savoir (Tony McNeill) which can be accessed by typing in relevant keywords.


Julien Torrent's pages on Flaubert are a goog place to start.

There are also many web pages devoted to Flaubert at Les Chemins du savoir (Tony McNeill) which can be accessed by typing in relevant keywords.


You should start your exploration of Hugo by reading Hugo (Julien Torrent) and Victor There is a representative selection of his poetry at


The Rimbaud

Once you've made a start on reading Rimbaud you might try RimbaudWeb which has links to all his poetry and correspondance


To begin your study of Zola you might like to click on Julien Torrent's pages on Zola.

You may be interested in another brief summary of Naturalism to complement that found in The Zola Pages (Tony McNeill's Study Environment for Zola's `Germinal').

There is also a useful short summary and commentary of Nana by Pamela Moore.

French Art in the Nineteenth Century

You may like to begin your exploration of French painting in the nineteenth century by clicking on the Webmuseum's pages for the following:

Zacharie Astruc
Gustave Caillebotte
Gustave Courbet
Thomas Couture
Jacques-Louis David
Edgar Degas
Antoine-Jean Gros
Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres
Edouard Manet
Claude Monet
Berthe Morisot
Camille Pissarro
Georges Seurat

You can enlarge the pictures by using the mouse to click on them. However, you should remember that image files are often quite large and may take a few minutes to download.

There is an alphabetical listing of artists available by clicking on WebMuseum, Paris or, if you are more interested in nineteenth-century French schools and movements, you might like to click on web pages for Classicism, Romanticism, Realism and Impressionism. These pages have a high French content and include many useful definitions of these movements by writers like Baudelaire, Claudel,

There is also another useful link to a web page on Manet that them.

To view Courbet's Les Casseurs de pierres and L'Atelier click on Courbet and click on the image to enlarge it.

James M. Dennis has a very good set of links, in alphabetical order, to many of the above French artists on a web site for his module Art History 202: Renaissance to Modern Art.

Other Related Links

There are a number of very useful websites with further links to a range of resources on nineteenth-century French history, literature and art:

Dix-Neuf: sites et ressources (Tim Unwin)

La France et les

19th Century French Literature (David A. Gatwood)

There are also many websites with selections of French poetry and representative extracts from key novels and short stories from the nineteenth century at:

French Literature on the Web
French Poetry on the Web
Littérature francophone virtuelle
ABU's French Texts
French Texts Collection of University of Virginia
Un peu de poésie française
Florilège of texts

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