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   Carole Baker's PhD was concerned with the genre of portraiture, which is presented as a civilizing and individualizing device designed specifically for the human. The implications of the displacement of the human with a canine subject are then examined. The second chapter looks at how the animal was used in early experiments in the visual representation of time and the moving image, since the animal was seen as a largely physical being rather than one with mental or spiritual capacity. It explores the nature of time as experienced through new media representations. The third chapter is concerned with the concept of surveillance, again through the substitution of the imprisoned human with an imprisoned animal - a device which enables such concepts as the psychological make-up and mental state of the prisoner to be explored and further goes on to explore ways in which the position of the viewer can be manipulated. The fourth chapter deals more directly with the body of the animal in terms of its corporeality, through the procedure of the operation, which cuts into and probes the insensate body. Whereas chapter one explores the surface of the body and its signification, this final chapter explores the body's hidden depths. It examines the way in which art and medical imagery are both premised upon Positivism's primacy of the visual.

Each chapter is focussed around an original art work created by the author in response to the concerns explored in this thesis. This doctoral research makes an original contribution to knowledge by nature of the originality of the creative work and of its analysis in terms of contemporary theoretical debate about the nature of the animal, representation and visuality.
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  • PhD Practice Led Photography/Digital Media
  • MA Photographic Studies
  • BA (Hons) English and Philosophy

Previous Academic Employment

2001 - 2008 Subject Group Leader, Degree Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer Photography and Film, Napier University, Edinburgh

2000 - 2001 Senior Lecturer Photography/Digital Media, University of Derby

1995 - 1999 Lecturer in Photography, University of Sunderland

1990 - 1994 Lecturer in Photography, Mansfield College

Research/ Practice/ Consultancy:

External Examining Appointments

2005-2009 University of Northumbria, BA (Hons) Contemporary Photographic Practice

2005-2009 Newcastle College, Foundation Degree in Photographic Practice

2005-2008/9 University of Renmin, Beijing, China, Foundation Degree in Digital Media

2006-2010 University of Westminster, External Examiner: BA(Hons) Photographic Arts and BA(Hons) Photography (P/t);

2007 APHE representative to HEA Art, Design & Media subject group

2007 Manchester Metropolitan University, Member of Advisory Team for Programme Validation for BA (Hons) Photography

2006 University of Derby, Member of Advisory Team for Programme Validation for BA (Hons) Photography

2006 University of Derby, External Examiner for PhD candidate, conducted viva voce in Practice-Led photography

Work in Permanent Collections:

Oct 2005 Sally, Digital Print, Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Selected Exhibitions:

Sensing the Familiar - Plymouth University, 1st March 2017 until Tuesday 28th March 2017. Visit

A Thousand Hounds in the Fall, Columbus Museum, Ohio, October 5, 2002 - January 5, 2003.

A Thousand Hounds, Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. 27 April - 1 September 2002

Panel discussion (with Ralph Gibson and Keith Carter), 28 April 2002

A Thousand Hounds, A Walk with the Dogs Through the History of Photography', UBS Paine Webber Gallery, New York City , 17 January - 29 March 2002

Reviewed in New York Post and Photo District News magazine.

For the Love of Dog, Pumphouse Gallery, Battersea Park, London

Review in The Guardian 13 October 2001, Artist’s Tour of Gallery


Persian Spring (2007) text: Constance Casey, images: Dr Carole Baker Washington Post, Washington USA.

Time, Narrative and the Fixed Image Mireille Ribiere & Jan Baetens (eds), Paul Morand (translator) 2001 Editions Rodopi, Amsterdam, ISBN 9042013664

A Thousand Hounds Miles Barth & Ray Merritt (eds) 2000 Taschen Verlag, Köln. ISBN 3822862231

Nature Morte Johan Pas (ed) 1999 Leuven Uitgeverij, ISBN 9055440523


2005– 6 Return to Paris, 6-minutes, Digital Video Film previewed at Society for French Studies Conference, Leeds

2000 Love Talk 20-minutes, Digital Video Film, commissioned for MENCAP North-East

Conferences and Symposia:

2006 Association of Photographers in Higher Education, Annual Conference, What is Photographic Education? Royal Museum, Edinburgh (Organiser)

2006 Consolidations Symposium, Queens University, Belfast (Panel Chair)

2005 (F)actual Looking: Documentary Symposium (Chair), Filmhouse, Edinburgh

2004 Still Life Symposium (Chair), Filmhouse, Edinburgh

2003 Limelight Symposium (Chair), Filmhouse, Edinburgh

2002 Varda’s Landscapes: The Fixed and the Fleeting, (Paper), Filmhouse, Edinburgh


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