This digital heritage project was to create an online version of the play called The Mystery of the Apostles’ Acts. It was composed by Simon Gréban and is the largest production in the history of western theatre. Written towards the middle of the 1470s for the account of King René of Anjou and using almost 500 characters, its monumental scale (60 000 lines playing over nine days) has discouraged academic editors up until now.

The text is known by two series of manuscripts and three printed versions from the sixteenth century. Two productions are documented: one in Bourges (at Arênes, 1536) and one in Paris (at the Flanders Hotel, 1541).

The aim of the online electronic edition of The Mystery of the Apostles’ Acts is to make available a new, full-scale source document both for linguists and for historians. It will be of relevance to the study of ecclesiastical and reformation history, as well as to the history of the theatre, of literature and of language.

To cite
Simon Gréban. Le Mystère des Actes des Apôtres. CNRS-Lamop (UMR 8589). [en ligne].