Module 401 was launched on 27 June 2020. It is aimed at UK Level 4, the equivalent of stage one study at university. Completion provides you with 60 units of credit towards the Travel Writer’s Award (120 units of credit). The study for each module is divided into 2 labs, for Module 401 the first one is

Lab 1 Identity: The Imaginary – One of the Courses for Travel Writers Online

To join the travel writers’ courses you will need a free Google Account. The teaching is delivered online via Google Drive and Google Docs, so please install these free Apps on your mobile phone. The main course books are delivered as eBooks, again through the free Google platform. Install the free Google Play Books App on your smart phone. 

When your Google Account is open, then please also open a free YouTube account, linked to your Google Account. This will help you find and use the online learning videos. When you have your free YouTube account then please visit the Travel Writers Online channel on YouTube and Subscribe

Access to the course labs is through the eBook for each one. These can be purchased on the Google Play Bookstore, by clicking on the book cover below:

Identity book cover


The writer that this course aims to develop is a literary travel writer. The learning is for travel bloggers and those working in destination management and city branding as they consider what makes places valuable to people.

TWO issue certificates for successful completion of its courses. These will help professionalise your travel writing portfolio.

An example of the live teaching online using a group Problem Jostle (PJ)

An example of one of the Online Tests for the Writing Labs

Please click on the image above to enjoy the first piece of travel writing from our 2020 Summer School.