Childhood Experience of Adults from the Diaspora: Impacts on Destinations

The diaspora is the geographic dispersion of people belonging to the same community (Bordes-Benayoum, 2002; Medam, 1993). Members of diaspora are significant contributors of the territorial development of their country of origin, through: the remittances; the investments they make, which are also referred as foreign direct investments; the innovation they bring back home; philanthropy, tourism and cultural exchange (Minto-Coy & Seraphin, 2016) .

Dr Hugues Séraphin is conducting a research project to understand the effects of childhood experiences on adults’ behaviour and outcomes in relation to tourism decisions, processes and activities. It has been proven that there is a continuum between childhood and adulthood (Canosa, Graham & Wilson, 2020). This study is addressing the dearth of research regarding childhood in the tourism industry and cognate sectors (Canosa, Graham & Wilson, 2018a, b; Canosa, Moyle & Wray, 2016), alongside contributing to existing literature on diaspora, and diaspora tourism. This study is also suggesting the management of childhood (from the diaspora) experience as an additional destination management tool for the long term sustainability of destinations. Not all Destination Management Organisations are considering the diaspora market as a good enough market, preferring general tour-ism promotion (Corsale & Vuytsyk, 2015).

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