Notebooks for the Field

Travel Writers Online bought a pack of Oxford A5 notebooks for testing in the field in June 2020. You can still find them on Amazon, where we bought them here They list them as ‘Oxford Office, A5 Notebook, Wirebound, Lined, 180 Page including Repositionable Divider Ruler’

We bought them because we wanted to try the SCRIBZEE(R) App from the same French company that makes the notebooks. You can see the tiny elephant’s trunks in the four corners of the page. You line them up on your smartphone, snap, and your handwritten notes are stored up in the cloud. Probably somewhere in Normandy, although we haven’t asked the manufacturers yet.

Then we had to find the right pen for fieldnotes to go with this writing paper, which is very smooth and prevents any seepage through from the other side of the page.

Everything excellent is as difficult as it is rare.

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