Gramlins are designed to help you with your grammar when travelling. Thanks to the UX design they download perfectly formatted for mobile phone screens. You need the WORD App and, if you’d like to collect them, please install the OneDrive App, too. Create a folder to build your collection like this in OneDrive

01 To be and to have. Two key verbs in French grammar conjugated in Gramlin 01 in the present tense for you to revise any time.

02 Partitive Articles are used to provide an article for part of something that is not usually counted, like bread or tea, a way of saying some or any in French.

03 Negatives. How and where to add ne… and …pas around a verb in French to say ‘do not’.

04 Le Passé Simple for Travel Writers The Simple Past tense, in French le passé simple, is a literary past tense. Writers use it to tell stories and recount memoirs in written form.

05 French Verb Patterns in the Present Tense: From the 1st Group, which is all -er verbs except aller about 6000 verbs and all new verbs, to the other main groups. Endings for the present tense in French.

06 Object Pronouns – Pronouns replace nouns, once we know who or what we are speaking about. In French these pronouns move to sit just before the verb, so seem like this word order: I him see!

07 Le passé compose – This past tense, called the perfect and in French, le passé composé uses 2 verbs. The verb doing the action eg to sell, and either avoir or être as the auxiliary.

08 Pouvoir in the Imperfect: Pouvoir is the ‘can’ verb, its infinitive in English is ‘to be able to’ as in Elle peut le faire – She can do it.

09 Questions from Answers Working backwards from an answer helps you to see the way that questions can be formed in French.

10 Tenses for Time Phrases – The time frame, often set at the opening of a sentence, is a good indicator of which tense to use when you conjugate the verb. 

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