About – Travel Writers Online is a site where you will find learning materials to develop your professional practice. The focus is on literary travel writing and place-making which will be of value to the DMO, too. Additional study materials are added regularly for heritage interpretation and French language studies in a cultural tourism context. You can access each by clicking on the category above. For example Feuilleton takes you to stories written during a period of travel by contributing authors, usually experimenting with literary approaches in their construction of place.

All of these resources are set in an ongoing narrative which tracks the travels of the contributing authors. Many of these are researchers and academics, often with a keen interest in the methodology of writing as inquiry and narrative knowing, especially as it relates to place and ethnography. For this reason you will find Working Papers of projects in progress, click on the category: Papers. Also look out for Research Capsules, these are projects that are complete and have been published elsewhere or successfully submitted for degree qualifications.

Lifestyle is a clickable category where we test products for the field researcher and blogger. We have started with pens that do not leak, notebooks that open flat, and the scanning App to use with Oxford writing paper.

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Please let us know if you’d like to follow us on any other Social Media. We are currently setting up a Pinterest account to connect with our postcards and heritage images. If you’d like to know more about the contributing authors most are on ResearchGate GmbH of Berlin, and can be found by name.

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