On the Loire

Feb 8, 2016 |

La Loire beside the Pont Wilson at Tours

C S Forester’s Hornblower novel set during the Napoleonic Wars, Flying Colours (1938) does indeed use the River Loire as an important element throughout the novel.  I hardly dare say too much about the role of the river since the story relies for its excitement on its plot and I am firmly against spoilers in reviews and criticism.  Nantes also figures in the narrative and it may offer one spot for literary visitors to the city.  Overall, though, despite the adventure story style, Forester’s detailed observation of the river in its course does leave the imagination with a vivid sense of the differences and the power of the waters.  In fact, his writing has some of the same effect that I felt when finally arriving on the banks of the Loire at Tours, please see my photographs in the post ‘Loire Memoires‘.


P.S.  Thank you to Linda Lappin for drawing my attention to Virginia Woolf’s (1928) ‘Street Haunting‘ (Lappin 2015, 70). A facsimile copy is available at Woolf Online.

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