Paul Louis Rossi (1990) Régine

Mar 15, 2016 |

Paul Louis Rossi (1990) Régine

Paul Louis Rossi (1990) Régine, p.11 Opening page

Paul Louis Rossi’s 1990 book, Régine has just arrived. It looks very hopeful. The very first paragraph speaks of a district, which I hope will be in Nantes, the quartier de Doulon.  Do you know that area?  There was a stream there, small enough to cross on foot, un gué, (say –geh-) in French. In Rossi’s story, he remembers that nettles used to grow there but now all the marshy ground is filled in.

A dozen pages later we learn of une impasse, a no through road, named Avenue de la Valtaiserie. Surely, that still exists today?  Where is it?

I’m pleased to report progress on organising the field-trip to Nantes;  Cécile and Emeric, at the wine bar called, La Comédie des Vins have been in touch to start planning the WSET tasting session, led by Richard Parkman from Plymouth University.  A list of wine types is winging its way to them ready for our class.

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  1. Philip “xipehuz” Espi m’a dit : « Oui, le quartier de Doulon est toujours là, ainsi que l’avenue de la Valtaiserie :,+44300+Nantes/@47.2298427,-1.5240174,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x4805eee3ce1496d1:0x304ce88bc1eac37

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    while Xavier replies: ‘Yes this neighbourhood was integrated into Nantes in 1908, it is in the eastern part of the city: