Mar 28, 2016 |

Just finishing reading Rossi’s Régine over Easter; the story did drift into an autobiography with no real plot. From a literary tourism point of view the streets in the district to the east of the city centre of Nantes might hold a fascination for followers of Rossi’s writing or for the diaspora of those who grew up during the twentieth century in the city. I plan to start his later book before the fieldtrip to Nantes.

Zoe has completed her write-up and submits the ResM thesis tomorrow. We are all feeling confident with the work. An exciting stage for our research lab in tourism knowledge here at Plymouth, since this is the first Masters in Travel Writing by research.

My discovery this week has been Wattpad. I read a promotional email from a French book publisher, Livre de Poche, where they claim that one of their authors reached a billion reads of their novel on Wattpad. Quite a claim, given that there are less than a billion speakers in the world of French and English combined. Nonetheless, I thought I must try the new App to see if it offers anything interesting for the travel writer. I have re-written and added some of my writing on travel in Brittany, please see what you think of the experience of reading it in the Wattpad eBook format, and let us know either over there on Wattpad or back here on WordPress. I’d be very interested to read your thoughts. So far, I’ve read the travel book by Lara Blunte The Lazy Traveler. It shows the eBook has had 34,000 reads, or is it views? However, go into Part 1 and that shows 9,000 views; I suppose I’ll start to understand Wattpad’s metrics soon.


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