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Jun 29, 2016 |
Marazion Ferries, Cornwall

Marazion Ferries, Cornwall

This is a post just to remind you of what our blog is all about.  A group of academics at Plymouth University launched ‘Travels in Search of’ as a university research blog on 14th September 2015. Through writing and publishing our posts it explores the impact of travel blogging on tourism destinations and examines the role of travel writing in Place Branding. Often a series of posts will focus on a specific location when this is under study by one of the writers or guest writers. One example is the work of Dr Charlie Mansfield on Nantes and the Loire Valley. This blog is also a space in which to share methodologies, fieldwork and project experiences with and by our undergraduates and postgraduate researchers.

Research Rationale

Do researchers discover destination knowledge or create it? This question has been at the heart of our discussions since 2009 and gradually, through conferences and lab meetings, travel writing has emerged as both a method of inquiry for us in tourism and area studies and as a professional practice for the synthesis of new knowledge, thanks, often, to the use of narrative. This travel writing blog, Travels in Search of is our discovery instrument and, we hope, a research practice that will yield new knowledge on place, destination image, visitor practices and tourism knowledge transfer.

Please cite Travels in Search of:

Example citation

Brunt, P. (2015) ‘Hiring A Satisficing Car In Portugal’ in Brunt, P., Busby, G., Mansfield, C., and Wheeller, B. (2015) Travels in Search of, Plymouth, TKT [online] Available at [Accessed 27.11.15].

Masters in Travel Writing

We are recruiting again for the October 2016 intake of travel writers for our Masters programme. It is a two-year research masters to develop your travel writing practices and your travel blog or heritage management project.  Attendance is only part-time to fit in around your career and workload.  You’ll need a degree as well as a project plan.  Contact us in the School of Tourism & Hospitality at Plymouth University here CONTACT


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