Honours Project Research – Investigating Cultural Routes

Jun 30, 2016 |

I studied a degree in International Tourism Management, at Plymouth University, taking first Spanish and then Chinese Mandarin as my languages.

When it came to writing my thesis, I transformed the daunting idea of completing such a long project into an opportunity to conduct research in a field which directly interested me and where my passion would allow me to spend many hours in study. Furthermore, I wanted this to be my flagship piece of work which I could present to future employers in hopes to secure the best possible job.

My field of research was Long Distance Routes, with a specific focus on Italy. The main difficulties I encountered were: the scarcity of research available for my field, and the difficulty in contacting potential interviewees in Italy. The first problem became an opportunity, as I was able to fill the missing gaps in the literature and create new knowledge. The second problem was overcome through perseverance, and ultimately resulted in me traveling to Tuscany and interviewing not only local residents, but also the mayors of various municipalities. Ultimately the project has been a big success and I hope to be publishing an article out of it.

Author conducting research for Thesis

Author conducting research for Thesis


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