Satori in Brittany

Aug 7, 2016 |
satori bilingue

Gallimard’s folio bilingue edition from 2007

Satori in Paris is Kerouac’s account of his fieldwork research in Brittany and Paris.  The book continues to fascinate publishers, so much so that Penguin have recently reissued an edition in their Modern Classics series.  It continues, too, to inspire travel writers, travel bloggers and carnettistes thanks to its autobiographical approach coupled with detailed observation of the phenomenology of the writer’s experiences.  For me, on my ‘Travels with Charlie in Search of French’ Kerouac’s carnet de voyage delights because it is gently laced with French words like tiny sips of strong black coffee through a Barthesian foam of milky phonemes.  But later neurosis forms in the text and it begins to desire me, as I attend to and wait for satori.


Penguin re-issue from 2012


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