Patrimoine: The French Heritage Papers is a learning resource for French Culture and Society at university and also a primer for literary travel writers planning fieldwork in France. The lectures, presented as citable papers, examine French heritage or patrimoine from a professional and academic viewpoint. The aim of the papers is to prepare you for a professional role within French tourism or heritage management and to provide a good grounding for higher academic studies and research in the field of heritage tourism and destination management. Studying a second culture, particularly the heritage of France, extends your career opportunities to a second country whilst providing you with case studies and approaches to management that help you innovate.

I acted as a visiting specialist to the CNRS, the French National Research Laboratories, on a digital heritage management project in Paris and this has helped better understand the relationship the French have with their culture and its artefacts. It is from this that I hope the patrimoine papers will lead you to a better understanding of French culture and how you can interpret this heritage in a way that is sensitive to the needs of the visitor both French and from other countries.


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