We have been experimenting with form in literary travel writing through the feuilletons published here on Travel Writers Online with the aim of enriching the three-instalment structure. When we discovered Tim Hannigan’s deep-mapping of a field near Athenry on Little Toller’s WordPress site, the form of Shelley’s 1818 sonnet, Ozymandias, echoed throughout the story. It is called, ‘A Circle on a Map: The Horse Rake, and can be found over on The Clearing here

Also on WordPress, but at dot com, is PoemShape of New England. His annotation of the rhyme scheme of Ozymandias has proven very useful in taking this idea forward; here it is


Link to PoemShape here

The concept proposed derives from the rhyme scheme of the sonnet form which may then be applied to the subject content of a travel feuilleton to produce seeding and progression. The repetition of an item of content will lend continuity to the literary travel piece, in the same way that a rhyme word provides connection to an earlier point in the sonnet form.

Thank you to both these WordPress websites for their continued literary work and research.