eiffel-bakerContinuity and Change


Introduction - France 1945-1975: Continuity and Change

Les trente glorieuses: 1945-1975

Les trente glorieuses: 1945-1975 - II Employment & Education

Women in Postwar France: The Domestic Ideal

Women in Postwar France II: Gender Inequality in Work, Education and Politics

Women and Professional Life

From Fourth to Fifth Republic: France 1946-1969

De Gaulle and Gaullism


What is French Cultural Studies?

Annie Ernaux: A Writer of Repeats

Annie Ernaux: Reading La Place

Annie Ernaux: La Place, Writing and Betrayal

Paris Framed - Twentieth-Century French Writers Crossing the City

Introduction to Postwar French Cinema

Maurice Pialat: Passe ton bac d'abord

Christiane Rochefort: Les Petits Enfants du siècle and Postwar France

Christiane Rochefort: The Story of a Reduction

Christiane Rochefort: A Feminist Reading of Les Petits Enfants du siècle

Society from Culture: Ernaux and Les trente glorieuses - Passage for Commentary


Further Reading

Essay Writing Skills

Designing Assessment Titles

Communiqué: Contemporary France I