Designing Assignment Titles

This page offers some suggestions on how to design an assignment or research question and how to prepare a title for your assessed written work.

Les Trente glorieuses

  • "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose". In what ways is this well-known French saying applicable to social and economic developments in postwar France?
  • Ernaux

  • 'Ceci n'est pas une biographie, ni un roman naturellement, peut-être quelque chose entre la littérature, la sociologie et l'histoire' (A. ERNAUX). To what extent is this statement about Une Femme applicable to La Place?
    (Neither biography nor novel, perhaps something between literature, sociology and history)
  • Pialat

  • To what extent does Pialat's film Passe ton bac d'abord offer a negative portrayal of a France at the end of les trente glorieuses that has failed to create a more equal society?
  • Rochefort

  • "On m'a reproché d'avoir fait une fin optimiste. Ha ha ha. C'est un roman d'épouvante si vous voulez savoir" (C. ROCHEFORT). How far do you agree with the author's opinion of Les petits enfants du siècle?

    Women in Postwar France

  • "Women's new role may have been linked to a certain increase in their power - they had been given the vote for the first time in 1945 - but it was also linked to a diminution of their power in certain spheres" (R. VINEN). Discuss the validity of this claim with detailed reference to the condition of women in postwar France.
  • Gaullism

  • To what extent did De Gaulle succeed in creating a technocratie in post-war France?
  • May '68

  • 'La révolte des jeunes', 'An Uprising of Youth' Is this an accurate characterization of the events of May 1968?