The Travel Writing Tribe: Journeys in Search of a GenreThe Travel Writing Tribe: Journeys in Search of a Genre by Tim Hannigan

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Hannigan’s Tribe is a rigorously structured research thesis but is so perfectly concealed beneath a cloak of narrative that it is exciting and satisfying to read for pure enjoyment. Without giving away any story-spoilers, because it does have story, any keen academic could spot all the ingredients that make it worth buying if you are writing-up your own research: a sound literature review, semi-structured interviews with a purposeful sampling of respondents, research questions, which are analysed through sustained argument and, most enjoyable for the readers, some experimental writing to explore the concept of veracity in narrative, first person non-fiction. Hannigan’s Tribe, I don’t know how long we will resist, and start calling it Tim’s Tribe at conferences, does wrestle with truth-telling in a way like Foucault’s Louvain lectures published under the title Wrong-Doing, Truth-Telling, explore parrhesia. Indeed, isn’t that what we seek in first-person writing? A confession of personal experience that dares to speak truth to power, παρρησία. Hannigan lifts the cloak of power to democratise literary travel writing for a new generation.

Wrong-Doing, Truth-Telling The Function of Avowal in Justice by Michel Foucault

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